Candidate List & Filings

2016 ELECTION                                              CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORTS 
Elected Office 

Candidate Name & 500 Threshold or Stmt. of Organization

Disclosure & Conflict of 
Interest (Due at time of filing nomination papers) 
June 30  Report 
 (Due June 1-June 30)
Pre-Primary Report (Due August 19-August 26

Post-Primary Report (Due Sept. 20- Sept. 29

Pre-General Report (Due Oct. 25-Nov. 4) 

Post-General Report (Due Nov. 29-Dec. 8) 

Mayor  David Smith  Nom&FDS Report  Report  Report Report  Report 
Mayor  Ronald Oertle Nom&FDS          
Mayor  Ken Budge  Nom&FDS          
WARD I Bill Higgins  Nom&FDS          
WARD II Audrey "Luche" Giacomino Nom&FDS          
WARD II Joan C. Hansen  Nom&FDS Report Report  Report    
WARD III Gabe Lindstrom  Nom&FDS          
WARD III Shirley Doughty  Nom&FDS