Yard Debris Pick-up
Each collection area will be serviced every other Wednesday. During this day, City employees will collect, at no extra cost to the public, yard debris such as tree limbs, branches, dead plants, and leaves. The branches and limbs must be cut into 3 foot or smaller lengths and tied into bundles not to exceed 35 pounds. The total amount of yard debris allowed per pickup is 2 cubic yards.

Please call the Public Works Department to request for pick-up of yard debris by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the Wednesday pickup.

Special Pick-up (Not Yard Debris)

Please call the Public Works Department to schedule a pick-up for items / materials other than yard debris. The City will provide a special pickup for items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, furniture and construction material from residential remodeling. This does not include items from a contractor.

Please do not set out items prior to the Saturday before the scheduled pickup date.

Pick-up Fees
The initial fee for a special pick-up fee is $30 and must be paid prior to the date that items are to be picked up. A maximum of 2 cubic yards or 750 pounds will be picked up for the initial fee of $30. A service fee shall be calculated by summing the labor, equipment and disposal cost needed to do the collection, if the pick-up exceeds the initial 2 yards or 750 pounds. Fees are as follows:
  • Large dump truck (greater than 5 cubic yards) - $ 25 per hour
  • Small dump truck - $ 15 per hour
  • Pickup truck - $ 10 per hour
  • Loader - $ 35 per hour
  • Labor (per person) - $ 15 per hour
  • Disposal - posted fee at transfer station
The increment of time shall be by the quarter hour.

Regular Garbage Pick-up
The regulations for regular garbage pick-up are as follows:
  • Garbage needs to be out before 6 a.m. the day of collection to guarantee pickup.
  • The requirement for garbage pick up in Old Bisbee is that garbage is bagged and weigh less than 40 pounds. Residents in Old Bisbee should furnish their own garbage containers. All containers must have tight fitting lids. Is highly recommended to reduce animal access.
  • Placing yard debris in a dumpster will cost the taxpayers higher transfer station fees, equipment repair fees, and wage fees. (Don't do it!)
The 7 hard working individuals who make up the Sanitation Department and Recycling Department for the City of Bisbee thank you for your cooperation and consideration.