Committee on Disability Issues

Regular Meetings

  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Quarterly the Fourth Monday of the month 
  • Held in the City of Bisbee Council Chambers 915 S. Tovreaville Rd. 

Work and Special Sessions

  • Are held on an as needed basis.

Committee on Disability Issues Agendas, Minutes and Public Notices 


  • Chandra AhmedKhan
  • Amparo Gonzalez 
  • Renee Harper 
  • Roschelle McGowan 
  • Nicholas Mueller 
  • Julie Turek 
  • Cathe Wright

  • Public Works, Staff Liaison 
  • Juanetta Hill, Council Liaison 

There are no vacancies on the Committee on Disabiity Issues.  
If anyone is interested in serving in anticipation of a vacancy, please fill out a Board / Commission/ Committee Membership Application Form and file the application with the City Clerk's Office.