Mayor and Council


Ken Budge (2022-2024) 


Ken Budge was born and raised in the small town of Union near Salt Lake City, Utah. After attending Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah, he started working for the Eimco Mining Equipment Co. In 1974 he was hired by the Salt Lake County Fire Department. He became one of the first EMT’s in Utah and in 1976 went on to Weber State College to become one of only 30 licensed Paramedics in the State of Utah. He continued to work as a Firefighter/Paramedic his entire career. After attending Utah Valley State College and graduating with a degree in Fire Science Administration, he was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1994. Ken retired in September of 2000. 

In 1990 he campaigned for a Legislative Seat at the Utah House of Representatives, only to win the primary but lost by 4% in the general election. During his career he held several offices in the IAFF, Local 1696. He was also a lobbyist for the Professional Firefighters of Utah, at both the state and federal level, where he worked unpaid for over 10 years to improve health and safety, retirement benefits, and many other causes on behalf of Firefighters and Public Safety Officers. He was appointed and later became Chairman of the Utah State Retirement System Membership Board.

He has served the City of Bisbee in many capacities. He was a Ward 1 Council Member from 2007 through 2014.  He has also served as the Chairman of the City of Bisbee Design and Review Board, Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Chairman of the Police and Fire Advisory Committee, a member of the Board of Adjustment and as an executive member of the Upper San Pedro Partnership. 

His wife Mary Alice is a retired school teacher. They have one daughter, Sonia, who works as a Clinical Pharmacist at Providence Health Systems in Olympia, Washington, two grandsons, and one granddaughter. In 1995 they purchased a home in Old Bisbee and started restoring it in 2000, and in January 2004 they moved to Bisbee full time. After 6 years of challenging work, their 1907 Caretto house is truly restored, and continues to contribute to the National Historical Registry. They welcome you to stop by.

Council Member WARD I 
Frank Davis (2020-2024) 

Frank Davis has resided in Bisbee for the last 14 years. I migrated here from Orland Maine, a small costal town, in an area known as “Down East”.  There my wife and I raised a family while I worked as a general contractor specializing in custom home building and cabinetry. As a businessman I was active in community affairs, Assistant Scout master, Church Vestry, Volunteer Fire Dept., Master of Rising Sun Masonic Lodge #71 for 3 years to name a few.   

Frank Davis lived and worked in Tucson for 5 years in the early 70’s and during that time came to know and like Bisbee.  After 30 years of running F.L. Davis & Co. it was time for a change.  A teaching opportunity at U of A South came open for my wife Etta Kralovec so I sold the business and to Bisbee we came.  

As a community member here in Bisbee I have served on the Design Review Board for 6 plus years, 3 of those as Chairperson.  I also was appointed to a two year term to serve as a Ward 1 council person, 2016-2018.  I have worked with Step up Bisbee, Naco for a number of years and currently am on their board.  I am involved with and support Bisbee Fire Wise. Frank Davis also works with the Bisbee Science Lab which is now located at the San Jose Annex. 


Council Member WARD I
Leslie Johns (2022-2026) 

Leslie Johns is native to Bisbee, BHS Class of 1997. She has previously worked as a nurse and a massage therapist. She currently works as a Health Educator for Cochise Health and Social Services, sits on the Bisbee Healthy Community Committee, and volunteers for the Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic when she can. 

Council Member WARD II 

Joni Giacomino (2022-2026) 

I was born and raised in Bisbee and I am third generation Bisbee. I have one daughter who is currently a senior at Bisbee High School. I graduated from Bisbee High School in 1978 and received my B.A. Secondary Ed. From Arizona State University in 1985. I completed a M.A. Secondary Ed, Principal Certification, M.S. Recreation, Sports and Tourism with an emphasis in Sports Management. I am currently enrolled in a MS Biology program.

I have taught school for over 30 years, K-college. I currently teach Chemistry. My secondary job is with the City of Douglas training lifeguards and water safety instructors. I have served on the Bisbee Unified School District board for 4 years. I also serve on the LEAP board of directors and as LEAP Youth Travel Leader. I am a member of Kiwanis Club of Bisbee, National Science Teacher Association, Arizona Education Association, and the National Education Association.

My family has always been involved in the community through volunteer work and fundraising for different causes. I am a firm believer that if you want a better community then you become active and serve for the betterment of your community. A community’s success depends on community involvement. I look forward to serving Ward II and Bisbee.

Council Member WARD II 

Mel Sowid (2022-2024) 

My initial residence upon immigration to the United States in 1970 was in Douglas, Arizona as a student at Cochise College. I soon met and married my wife, a native of Bisbee, and this began my continued personal connection to and eventual permanent residence in Bisbee. Through my family and I traveled the world over these years, we always returned home to Arizona and, more specifically, Bisbee. We purchased our current residence in Warren in 2007 and in 2016. I opened the doors to the Bisbee Bodega in the heart of Old Bisbee. 

Adding to my decades long connection to Bisbee, the past 5 years at the Bodega has afforded me an even deeper understanding of and affinity to this unique community. From the vantage point of operating a business in the center of town, and through my long and daily talks with locals, I have gained critical insights to the needs and issues of our neighbors and the City as a whole. I have also gained a greater appreciation of what our town has to offer both its locals and visitors, as well as its potential to improve while still preserving its all-important heritage. 

Council Member WARD III 

Anna Cline (2022-2026)  

Anna was born and raised in Bisbee (as were her parents). She attended Huachuca Terrace Primary and Lowell Elementary/Junior High and is a graduate of Bisbee High School. Anna is employed with the Bisbee Unified School District as the S.A.A.C. Supervisor at Bisbee High School. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and is working on her Master's degree in Administration of Justice and Security.

She is currently the City Liaison to the Bisbee Police and Fire Advisory Committee. She has also served on the Evergreen Cemetery Committee, the ADA Committee, SEAGO, Advisor to the Youth Council, Judicial Selection Committee and BPD review board.

After graduation, Anna married her high school sweetheart, Robert. They have two wonderful children. Lisa holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Forensic Psychology and Robert Justin is with the Bisbee Fire Department as an Firefighter/EMT. He completed the Fire Science Technology Program at Cochise College while he was a senior in high school and was in the Administration of Justice Program after. Anna and Robert are extremely proud of them.

Anna’s family has served Bisbee for a long time, and in many ways. “My roots in Bisbee run deep, as my family has been here since the early 1900’s. Our family has served this community in numerous ways. My uncle, Mike Garcia, was an Alderman in the 1970’s, and my father, Ruben, was serving his second term as Council Member when he passed away. My family and I remain deeply committed to this community.”

Council Member WARD III

Juanetta Hill (Appointed March 15, 2022 and December 6, 2022)

Although, I've been a regular visitor to Bisbee for several years, I only moved here in 2015 after retirement. 

I have a history of volunteerism, I've served on the Bisbee Arts Commission, and currently serve on the Bisbee Holistic Wellness Center and the Bisbee Seniors Association Board. I am also a member of Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers. Prior to moving to Bisbee from Indiana, I was actively involved in numerous community organizations working primarily with youth and in lower social economic communities. 

As a graduate of Indiana University South Bend in 1994 BA, and member of SOCACT, I facilitated establishing a library in Nigeria and the creation of a Sister City relationship between South Bend Indiana and Durban South Africa. I've also owned my own janitorial service and currently have LifeCasting by Juanetta LLC, an innovative interactive creative arts business. I just signed my lease on my retail store, 9 Naco Road, Old Bisbee on March 1st. 

I am committed to Bisbee.

City of Bisbee 
Vision Statement 

We Will Strive to be a Model for Small Cities by: 
  • Creating a Safe Family Friendly Environment. 
  • Enhancing economic development opportunities that provide jobs with sustainable wages. 
  • Being a leader among municipalities for finding innovative and functional solutions to meet our community and organizational needs. 
  • Continuing to embrace our community as thriving multicultural place to live, work and visit. 
  • Preserving the beauty, history, culture, and diverse, geography of our community. 
  • Valuing our employees that serve our community. 
  • Benchmarking best practices in similar communities. 
  • Always get better. 
  • Run parallel with Budget realities. 
  • Stronger Financial Awareness. 
  • Protection & Safety to Community/ Infrastructure. 
  • Focusing on level of Service.