Public Computers and Meeting Rooms

Public Computers and Internet Use

The Library supports public computers that contain a variety of programs and provide fast and free internet access.  Patrons may use the computers for a one-hour session and may stay longer if no one else is waiting to use one.
Office Suite
The Library's Public Computers use Windows 10 operating system and offer Microsoft Office programs including:
Word: Word processing w/ document templates
Excel: Data processing w/ spreadsheets and graphs
Outlook: Email and calendars
PowerPoint: Slide presentations
Internet Browsers
The Library's Public Computers have three internet browser options:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

Public Computing Services

Printing prices:
​Black/White Letter Size: 25 cents per side
​Color Letter Size: $1.00 per side
Copying prices:
​Black/White Letter Size:  25 cents per side
​Color Letter Size: $1.00 per side
Scanning prices:  25 cents per scan to USB (saves as PDF) or to email

The Library offers free WiFi for patrons who which to browse the internet using their own devices.
NETWORK: Copper Queen Library
PASSWORD: cqlibrary
Library patrons can now checkout the internet thanks to a grant from the Arizona State Library.  With this program, patrons can use an internet hotspot and their internet-enabled devices to access the internet at home or on the road.  Patrons must have a fine-free library card and be at least 18 years old.  Hotspots circulate for three weeks and fines for overdues are $1.00 a day.  Please inquire at the Library's Circulation Desk for more information.

Online Services

Patrons may access their library account online via the Cochise County Library District's Online Catalog using their library card number and PIN.  Patrons may use this to:
computer classes
The Library offers a free series of beginner computer classes twice a year.  Classes include:
At the Desktop: An introduction to the computer
Using the Internet: An introduction to navigating the internet
Word: An introduction to using Microsoft Office's Word
Excel I & II: An introduction to using spreadsheets in Excel
Publisher: An introduction to basic graphic design using Publisher
Please inquire at the Library's Circulation Desk for more info.

Meeting Room Use

The Library offers free Meeting Room Use for nonprofit civic groups, organizations, or clubs civic, cultural, educational and informational meetings.  All meetings must be free and open to the public.

Meeting Room
The Library's large Meeting Room seats up to 12 people at its conference table and accommodates up to 30 people in a presentation-style setup.  A laptop and projector are available for use.
The Library's small Meeting Room seats up to 10 people around a round conference table.  A internet-enabled television with HDMI plugin is available to use with a laptop.
Please contact the Library if you are interested in booking a Meeting Room by calling 520-432-4232 or emailing