Public Works

Department Structure

The Streets Division consists of a supervisor and 4 full-time employees plus 2 Mechanics. The primary function of this division is Maintenance of City streets, alleys, stairs, and Other properties and right of ways.
Typical duties consists of:
  • Patching and repairing and resurfacing streets 
  • Repainting traffic control markings such as cross walks 
  • Repairing, replacing, or installing traffic and pedestrian signing 
  • Controlling vegetation that could impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or the visibility of signs or markers 

Mechanic Duties 

Mechanics are to maintain City equipment and vehicles in safe operating order. Police, Fire, Administration, Wastewater, and Public Works vehicles are serviced and repaired at the City Garage. 

Additional Tasks 

Other duties of this department include:
  • The preparation for many events put on in the City, not the least of which is the 4th of July and the clean up after events. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance required of the drainage structures of which there are many is also a responsibility of Streets.  
During the course of the past year, the Streets Division has: 
  • Addressed 380 work order requests 
  • Dug 30 full sized graves 
  • Dug 35 cremains graves