2018 Ordinances

Ordinance O-18-14: Conditionally Rezone APN 103-61-348, Owned by Dennis & Donna Gatten, From R-1 to CM-1
Ordinance O-18-13: Prohibiting the Use of Handheld Mobile Telephones or Portable Electronic Devices by Amending Chapter 9, Health and Sanitation, and Adding Article 9.8, Distracted Driving, to the City Code 
Ordinance O-18-12: Amending the City Code Article 2.7, Youth Council 
Ordinance O-18-11: Amending Zoning Code 3.1 Amendments/Rezoning and 3.2 Special Use Permit. The Ordinance Amends Zoning Code 3.1 and 3.2 by Adding Evaluation Criteria For Applications 
Ordinance O-18-10: Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of Certain Surplus  City Property, being Approximately 1390 Square Feet Adjacent to 131 San Jose Drive 
Ordinance O-18-09: Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of Certain Surplus City Property being Approximately 330 Square Feet Adjacent to 429D Laundry Hill 
Ordinance O-18-08: Amending the Animal Code Portion of the City Code, Article 6, and Adding a Feral Cat Colony Caregiver Program 
Ordinance O-18-06: Amending Zoning Code Article 7, Section 7.4 to Add Subsection 7.4.7 to Address Commercial Signs on Parked Vehicles 
Ordinance O-18-05: Amending the Zoning Code to Allow Special Use Applications for Alternative Lodging Parks in All Zoning Districts and Clarifying Special Use Permit Language 
Ordinance O-18-03: Amending Zoning Code Article 3.5.5 to Clarify the Design Review Board's Authority Regarding the Demolition or Movement of Buildings in the Historic District 
Ordinance O-18-02: To Conditionally Rezone Parcel 102-05-097G, Owned by Kimberly Blanck, From R-1 to R-3
Ordinance O-18-01: Amending Chapter9, Article 9.5 of the Bisbee City Code Entitled Fluoride in City Water System