Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals

Ordinance O-22-15: Repealing and Replacing Section 8.9, Vacation Rentals and Short-Term Rentals (Effective January 1, 2023) 

Guide/ Checklist / Acknowledgements / Registration Application for Vacation / Short-Term Rental Property  Permit  (Effective January 1, 2023) 
 Business License Application Short Term Vacation Rental 

  1. What is a vacation or short-term rental?
Any individually or collectively owned single-family or one-to-four-family house or dwelling unit or any unit or group of units in a condominium , cooperative or timeshare. Vacation Rental and Short-Term Rental do not include a unit that is used for any nonresidential use, including retail, retail, restaurant, banquet space, event center or another similar use. 

  1. Do Vacation or Short-Term Rentals pay tax to the city?
Vaction Rentals and Short-Term Rentals pay the regular city sales tax of 3.5%. This paid to the state who distributes it back to the cities.  The City runs reports at month end to determine how much of the city sales tax we received is bed tax and code the bed tax to the visitor center revenue.  The city sales tax portion is coded to city sales tax in the general fund. 
  1. Requirements for Operating a Vacation Rental or Short-Term Rental
  • Provide to the City Clerk contact information for the person who is responsible for responding to complaints,at any time of day, doing so before offering for rent or renting the Vacation Rental or Short-Term Rental. 
  • Secure a business license pursuant to Article 8.2 of the City Code.
  • Current State transaction privilege tax license and number. The Owner must list the current state transaction privilege tax license number on each advertisement for each Vacation Rental or Short-Term Rental on the website provided by the Hosting Platform.